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Boutique Digital Agency

We are Two Moon Media

We are a Gold Coast based digital marketing studio that focuses on creative web design and development, app development, branding, social media, video, SEO and online 3D technologies.

That is a lot to take in, but it is good for keywords.

The reality is we are a group of creative technologists that are passionate about making cool digital things for businesses.

Increase your digital performance and find new customers.

A Digital Agency for Businesses and Creatives

Having a good online presence is not just about having a visually strong website and hitting SEO keywords. There is an entire process to multi-channel marketing that needs to be managed to maximise your market reach for potential customers.

What we are trying to say is that you need have a strong identity to maximise your business potential.

That is why we work in a different way. Being a small boutique agency facing the same challenge, we dedicated ourselves to finding ways to not only increase your exposure with search engine optimisations, but also to maintain customer retention through creative advertising techniques.

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Get to know the process of how we deliver amazing

01 - Mission
02 - Planning
03 - Development
04 - Execution
05 - Maintenance

Let's discuss the mission ahead.

Free consultation and discussion

This is the time for us to get familiar with your business and its goals. During our consultations we provide you with a list of services that will benefit your business and convert potential customers.

Our consultation period is free of charge. There is no heavy sales pitch or hooks, just honest conversation.

Here we can also get to the core of what is necessary for your business and the best way to reach your goals without blowing out your budget.

Good design is in the preparation.

UX / UI Development and Branding

Our graphic design team collaborates alongside you to align your business presence and services with what we can provide. It is during this phase that the branding and themes are outlined in documentation and a statement of work is issued which brings everyone to the table for discussion.

We plan everything first before development starts

  • Branding Guidelines
  • Logo Design
  • Advertising Assets
  • Print Media
  • Video Production

Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

Business IT Services

Your business now understands its identity and it is clear what you are. Now is the time to put it out into the world. We provide front-to-back services that get your business working efficiently and looking kickass.

A good machine both runs well and looks impressive

  • Domain Management
  • Email Management
  • Administration Platforms
  • Marketing Tools and Analytics
  • Customer Retention Programs

Built to perform. Designed to scale.

Web Development and Applications

Development is when we put our heads down and get into the real work, staging each task and function within a timeline for delivery. During this time we update you on our progress and collaborate you before releasing it to market.

This is where the magic happens.

  • WordPress CMS
  • Node.JS & React.JS
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, E-Commerce
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Data Management Systems
  • Cross-Platform Development

From the rooftops we shout, not to be heard but seen.

Discoverability and SEO Optimisation

Optimising your online presence is paramount to the discoverability of your product and business. SEO optimisation and social media marketing benefits you by targeting active audiences who are looking for what your product provides.

We develop the strategy and provide analytics for performance measuring.

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Market Analytics and Research
  • Email Marketing Strategies

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